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"Overreaching federal bureaucracies are drowning American businesses under an unprecedented wave of burdensome regulation that is smothering our nation’s economic growth, innovation and competitiveness." - Hon. William Barr, Chairman of the Center for Legal Action’s Advisory Board

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The Washington Post: Bill Barr’s next act

Senator Tom Cotton (AR):

“The new Center for Legal Action, under the guidance of former Attorney General Bill Barr, will be a great ally for free enterprise in Washington and across the country. Bill is a principled leader who has long led the fight against federal overreach. Together, the CLA and AG Barr will fight against the burdensome regulations and for American entrepreneurship.”


Congressman Jim Jordan (OH)

“For years the left has been stacking the deck against businesses with intrusive regulatory agencies, and activist legal action. Ensuring regulators operate fairly, efficiently, and without burdening America’s entrepreneurs is the vital work the AmFree Center for Legal Action is spearheading.”


Speaker of the House, Congressman Kevin McCarthy (CA): 

“The growing administrative state forces medium and small businesses to focus more on compliance than competitiveness. This hurts job creators and their customers. The AmFree Center for Legal Action is an important tool to ensure regulators operate fairly, efficiently, and without burdening America’s entrepreneurs and small businesses.”


House Majority Leader, Congressman Steve Scalise (LA):

“The American Free Enterprise Chamber of Commerce creating the Center for Legal Action is welcome news to House Republicans. The regulatory bureaucracy has declared war on American consumers and is stifling innovation and economic prosperity, and we look forward to working together to fight administrative overreach and put power back in the hands of American entrepreneurs.” 

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